The Best

I’m not into perfection.  In fact, any declarations of perfection make me wary ("This has to be perfect." or "I'm a perfectionist.").  It seems kind of silly; perfection isn’t possible. 

What’s more intriguing and swoon worthy is doing one’s absolute and uncompromising best.

What sounds better - and more attainable?  Being the perfect wife and mother OR being the absolute best wife and mother than I can be?  Perfect is always someone else’s idea and we feed and worship it until we actually think the pursuit of such a notion makes sense, but in that place we are never good enough.  

I'm convinced that the idea of perfection is a ruse designed to make perfectly good people behave like insane assholes, to themselves and others.  

Getting to the place where you sincerely believe without a doubt that you've given your absolute best to something...well, that's real perfection in my book. 

The sooner we can make peace with our best being enough, the soon we can get to the good stuff.