Crushed Nuts

What is the deal with all these men age 35 and under with theses tight ass suit pants ?  

What. The. Hell.  

It's the same look over and over - blue suit, light blue shirt (like a chambray color), a narrow tie, brown shoes and funky socks of some kind.  It's not terrible, but some of them are wearing their pants entirely too tight.   

Nut huggers is what they'd be called where I'm from.  I really don't know how comfortable that can be.  Or how you’re affecting your future reproductive prospects.  Or why in the hell some of the pants are not only tight, but high-waters as well.   If your pants hit an inch above your ankle, they are capris.  

Here's a Cliff Note: Capris are not pants that are made for dudes.

I understand the premise of current fashion, I just don’t understand why you’d want to walk around like your nuts are in a vice.  Don’t they need to breathe?