Forward or Bust

What I don’t understand about life and the people who live it can just about fit into the Grand Canyon.   

I don’t understand an existence is without the burn of ambition.  I don’t.  Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted something else, something more and I would push against circumstances to get it.  As a little kid, I wanted to earn my own money.  I had lemonade/popcorn stands, I scrounged things from house to have garage sales, I did extra chores.  I started formally working at 14.  

In school, I pushed myself to make good grades so I could get into college. When I started working as an adult, I’d continue to push myself to earn promotions and raises, because I wanted to be able to support myself and my kid.  I wanted to put myself in a position where I wasn’t worried about money all the time. 

There was this energy, coming from inside me, that was pushing me, ultimately towards independence, but immediately towards the next steps that would get me there. 

I’m perplexed by those who don’t feel the same.  It’s not that I can’t intellectually fathom that the world is made up of different people.  Of course it is.  That’s what makes this place so interesting.  It’s what makes family dinners either entertaining or painful.  I know that everyone does not think like me - and I can accept and understand that - with this one exception.

From my observations and experience, if you are not growing then you are deteriorating.   That’s the rule of nature.  There is no standing still, nothing exist in a vacuum.   If you don’t consistently work your muscles, they atrophy. 

If you’re not building upon your skills, they become obsolete.  

This is the rule.