On Beauty

I’m not sure why someone would call themselves ugly.  

I can understand having days where you don’t feel your best - bad hair day, bloated, etc.  What I can’t fathom is consistently insisting (out loud to others or in your own mind) that you are wholly unattractive.  

Why on God’s green earth wouldn’t you be your own biggest fan?  

This isn’t a rhetorical or facetious question.   

Why would you be so hard on yourself that it’s borderline abuse?  Think about it.  If you saw a husband repeatedly call his wife ugly (or fat or stupid), you would think he was an abusive asshole.  You’d tell the story to your friends with horror in your voice.  You would think that woman should get away from that creep as soon as possible.   

I don’t understand why that behavior is justified when you’re doing it to yourself in your own head.  It seems worse.  At least the poor woman can walk away and she won’t be able to hear the asshole’s voice anymore.  If you’re doing it to yourself, where are you going to go?

I’m not talking about conceit, only a basic belief that the container for your soul is worth loving.  Hell, even the confidence that you clean up nice is better than nothing.  Fat or skinny don’t matter.  What matters is what you think and the record you play in your head on repeat.   

What you think gets projected to the rest of the world.  What you think gets projected to you. 

The record you play?  It’s all your choice.  

Your playlist should only be that which will build you up.